We, VERICOM, established in 1998, as a unique dental materials and devices manufacturer in Korea, are leading Korean dental industry with excellent technologies

On the international level, VERICOM has acquired more than 10 certificates of quality assurance and approvals such as CE, FDA, JPAL, TGA, SFDA, & KGMP.

VERICOM exports its high quality products such as dental restoratives, endodontics, laboratories and prosthodontics materials to more than 100 countries in the world.

1. Restoratives (DenFil N, DenFil, DenFil Bulk, DenFil Flow, Denfil Bulk flow, Spacer, Dual Core)

2. Preventives (V-Varnish premium, Eazigel, Eco-S)

3. Adhesive&Etchants (BC-Plus, U-Bond, DenFil Etchant, V-Etch, U-Cem Premium)

4. Endodontics (Well-Pex, Well-Paste, Well-Root ST, Well-Root PT, Well Prep, Eazi-Endo)

5. Impressions (Vonflex S Putty, Vonflex S Heavy, Vonflex S Light, Vonflex S Light XLV, Vonflex S Bite, Vonflex S Medium, Vonflex S Supermix)

6. Laboratories (Cure Box Dual, Hipac Cozy, Hipac Cozy SC, Eazipan LC, Mazic Duro, Mazic Wax, Mazic Zir, Mazic Claro Press, Mazic Pro, Mazic Primer, Mazic Glaze, Mazic Art, Mazic Vest HS, Mazic D Model, Mazic D SG, Mazic D Model Ortho, Mazic D Temp, Mazic D Splint, Mazic D Cast, Mazic D Mixer)

7. Disinfection (Dual Clean, Dual Clean plus, Dual Vac)

8. Disposable (V-Ject, Polishing brushes, Disposable Tips, Accessories, Eazitray)
Join us
Team Chief (China, Japan, USA)
Jenny Choi
Spoken languages:
Manager (Asia, Middle east, North & South America)
Duki Park
Spoken languages:
Manager (Europe, CIS, Africa)
Jason Cho
Spoken languages:
Assistant Manager (Asia, Middle east, Africa)
Steve Kang
Spoken languages:
Assistant Manager (Europe, CIS)
Luis Lim
Spoken languages:

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