TKD is a well-known manufacturer of dental instruments since 1969.
To design and produce robust and reliable high-precision handpieces has been our mission since the very first developed high-speed air-bearing turbine.
Ever since, many other products have been developed and engineered, remaining faithfully with the original idea of Production of dental dynamic instruments.

During the last few years, not only has TKD developed and launched a few brilliant and innovative products but has also revised and improved all the existing handpieces.
Whether it is a high-speed turbine or a low-speed motor, its necessary pneumatic and electric connections have been simplified and reduced to a minimum. Efficiency and reliability have been increased to excellent levels. High-precision parts, as for instance turbines’ chucks and scalers’ inserts, have been made much safer and wear-resistant. Connection of any handpiece or rapid coupling to its supply silicone hose has been made smoother and simpler. Finally, maintenance of all our handpieces has been rendered very simple or even, in a few cases, absolutely unnecessary.

All this just help us pursue our object of Simplifying dental motion.

One of the main advantages of TKD is that the company develops and manufactures all products in-house. The R&D division, for instance, has highly skilled people with the necessary proficiency to design and develop complex and high-precision parts.
State-of-art multi-axial CNC machines, then, just make it possible to produce such parts with the necessary strict tolerances.

Nowadays TKD exports its products to over 55 countries throughout the world.
We offer a wide range of high-quality and cost-efficient products and accessories for the practitioner and the dental industry.
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Roberto Ravalli
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Sara Giovannini
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Leonardo Bruscoli
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Technical Department
Andrea Martini
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