Biostamina Kft

BIOSTAMINA Kft is a manufacturer of phytotherapeutic medical devices, HOLDER OF PATENTS FOR TISSUE AND BONE REGENERATION and distributes its products in Europe and the rest of the world.

Bio RIGENERA®️ O3 Dental is an innovative gingival Lipogel for professional use, made in collaboration with renowned scientific researchers of the University of Rome (Italy). Clinically tested by Swiss Scientific Research Antropos is designed to simplify the daily post-surgical treatments of the oral cavity.

• Thanks to its studied formulation, 100% natural, anhydrous and concentrated, of essential oils only, containing the active principles of 13 medicinal plants and enhanced with ozone, it performs a bio-regenerating, bio-repairing and cicatrizing action in difficult injuries due to implant and peri-implant surgery, even in diabetic patients.

• Safe product, non-toxic to accidental ingestion and with a pleasant taste.

Through its dense, viscous composition, it adheres to the lesion of the gingival mucosa for a long time, producing a barrier effect from external pathogens. It creates a moist environment favourable to cell proliferation, favouring the rapid tissue regeneration of the lesions.

• Its anti-inflammatory action reduces oedema and relieves postoperative pain, while essential oils enriched with ozone molecules act as an antibacterial and antiviral, creating a valid alternative to the use of Chlorhexidine, reducing both postoperative pains reported by patients and complications related to post-implant site infection and rapid tissue healing and bone regeneration.
The natural formulation of Bio RIGENERA®️ O3 differs from drugs with artificial chemical molecules, as it is less aggressive and free of contraindications while maintaining similar therapeutic results.

“In large full-arch rehabilitations with immediate loading, Bio RIGENERA O3 Dental plays a fundamental role in promoting very rapid tissue healing, drastically reducing oedema and inflammation; the product generates such rapid healing that Bio RIGENERA O3 Dental can be considered the best bio-repairing device, capable of accelerating tissue healing where this is essential for the technique in question.” Dott Prof. Maurizio Signorini Medical dentistry – Barbania (Torino-Italy)

* INDICATIONS: Bio RIGENERA® Dental O3 is indicated as an adjunct in the treatment and in situations of: Small lesions due to surgical dental interventions • Perimplantitis surgery • Ideal to prevent, or lessen post-operative pain • Gingivitis, periodontitis, periimplantitis • Together with the use of prosthetic and orthodontic appliances • After scaling and oral hygiene interventions • Simple and complex after extraction • In case of minor burns • In Lip Herpes Therapy and Afte • Also indicated for diabetic patients.

Bio RIGENERA® Dental O3 is a medical device class IIa CE 0425


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