SoWash is the leading brand in the production of water jet tips.

Over the years SoWash has developed innovative and unique tips of their kind (international patents) that guarantee extraordinarily effective cleaning without comparison, suitable for every need!

Among the main SoWash exclusive tips:

VORTICE tip (International Patent): the three pulsating jets, which the Vortice tips are equipped with, converge, guaranteeing a VORTICE effect able to remove even the most resistant food residues without difficulty, for an excellent and delicate cleaning on the gums.
The Vortice tip is available in three versions (SPACER, ORTHODONTIC, BRUSH)

AIR tip (Patented): with its innovative technology, it is able to enrich the jet with air micro-bubbles that make the jet delicate, ideal for sensitive gums. Cleaning, enriched with oxygen, therefore more effectively fights those responsible for plaque.

ATOM HEAD: the atomized jet of the Atom tip has been specially designed for post-operative treatment. Thanks to the perfect nebulization, possibly enriched with chlorhexidine or as suggested by your doctor, it is ideal for a correct post-operative course.

Many other tips are part of the SoWash line, suitable for every need, including:
STRONG: For those who want a stronger jet
HYDROJET: The classic tip, with single linear jet
BALL SPRAY: The tip with single jet with spray effect, for a more delicate cleaning
HYDRO SINUS: The tip for cleaning the nasal cavities

The SoWash tips can be used with the SoWash Electric water flosser or with the SoWash Faucet model water flosser.

SoWash ELECTRIC is the only Water Flosser with an accumulation tank with Vortice, Air and Atom Technology.

SoWash FAUCET is the innovative water jet that connects directly to the faucet, operating without the need for batteries or electricity. Thanks to the HiFlow system it is equipped with, it allows you to control the pressure of the device according to the pressure of your faucet or your preferences.
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