We speak Dental and Digital
Since its founding in 1961 Müller-Omicron speaks and understands the dental language. As a medium-sized company, it has specialized in the development, production and distribution of dental materials for dentists and technicians. In more than 70 countries, users benefit from the outstanding ease of use and price-performance ratio of the products, Made in Lindlar, Germany. These include a comprehensive range of impression materials, a-silicones (VPS) and c-silicones, bite registration materials, laboratory silicones and a completely new disinfection program with a focus on wipe disinfection. All disinfectants meet the latest requirements of the VAH and all EN standards incl. EN 16615. In order to meet the ever-increasing digitalization in the dental market, Müller-Omicron now also speaks and acts digitally. In the last two years, the company has been intensively involved with light-curing resins for the generative production of dental objects such as models, cast objects, occlusal splints, drilling templates etc. The result is the new material class LC-print model / cast / tray and splint. All LC-print variants are suitable for all printers working in the DLP process.

Product range and brands

Impressive range of impression materials
Aqium 3D, scannable A-silicones (VPS), betasil VARIO, standard A-silicone (VPS); alphasil PERFECT and SILECT, C-silicones, topas PERFECT, granit PERFECT, kristall PERFECT, bite registration materials (VPS) and algistar classic and chromatic, alginates.

High-Tech Products for the Dental Lab
alphasil PERFECT TEC, Lab putty C-silicone and gammasil PERFECT TEC, Lab putty a-silicone VPS), double pink/brown/green, dublicating silicones (VPS), gingiva MASK and gingiva MASK 3D, a-silicones (VPS).
Light curing products: LC-tray, LC-base plates, LC-gel and LC-print model/ tray/ cast and splint, 3D-printing liquids.

DISINFECTION 360° - The all-round carefree package
Disinfections for surfaces, alcohol based and alcohol free, a wide range of disinfectant wipes-systems, Instrument disinfection, Disinfection and cleaner for suction systems. Impression disinfectants, hand disinfectants and hand cleansing products.
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Director Marketing & Intern' Sales
Jens Guenther
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