Ditron Dental Ltd
Ditron Dental is a high-quality, molecular-precision, leader in dental implants systems.
Why are we different?
We took the precision and quality from manufacturing of high-end critical units for cars like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Tesla… to the dental world.
With over 50 years of excellence in the design, production and supplies of ultra-precise, high-quality, products aimed at the most demanding industries like automotive, as well as aerospace and aeronautics, Ditron Dental is at the forefront of the dental implants arena.

Our products are designed to surpass the most stringent quality requirements. With our unique and patented designs, through precise to perfection manufacturing, we introduce the dental clinic and laboratory world-class products. Our high end implantology solutions are intuitively simple, safe and reliable, combined with around the clock service and support.
Our main lines of dental implants and related products include:
1. MPI – Molecular Precision Implant - Our unique Spherical Helix Chamber forms a localized infrastructure that serves as a scaffold for promoting bone formation from existing osteoblasts.
2. ULTIMATE Implant System – unique implant system with particular morphology of the collar (Reverse Concave Neck - RCN) increases the implant contact surface area with the bone and preserves a greater proportion of bone and periosteum.
3. Prosthetics - MolecuLockTM the Ditron Dental seal between implant and abutment with a Biomechanical design and 1-micron level production to reduce micro gaps and micro movement risks.
4. Surgical Kits - Ditron Dental's out-of-the-box view of simplicity and reliability is demonstrated in our proprietary Tube® and D-Tube® surgical kits.
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International Marketing Manager
Zehava Malka
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