ADANI, founded in 1991, by Mr. Vladimir Linev is an innovative, high-tech global corporation with full customer-focused disruptive innovation cycle. The unique product range of X-ray security screening systems, medical X-ray equipment, benchtop analytical instruments and NDT systems developed and manufactured by ADANI provides health safety and improves life quality and security to people from more than 80 countries over the world.

Manufacturing of the unique customer-focused product range like mammography and general radiography systems as well as CT, mobile clinics and radiotherapy units at cost-effective level is the key advantage for ADANI.

Being a world-class high-technology company of a full cycle ADANI is focused on innovations in medical X-ray imaging like i-CAD semi-automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for chest and breast screening.

ADANI fully complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 having CE and FDA confirmed products in portfolio.
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Sales manager
Ekaterina Rybalchenko
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Head of Marketing
Vadim Artyshkevich
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