SANKOM Switzerland
SANKOM is a Swiss Company founded in 2003, is headquartered in the Canton of Jura, specializing in the development and distribution of multifunctional and health-oriented clothing, shapewear, and undergarments.

The SANKOM programs are based on advanced scientific concepts and are supported by innovative high-quality consumer goods. Each of the cutting-edge products is protected internationally by utility and design patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

A team of experienced medical doctors and prominent fashion designers lead the SANKOM functional wear division, creating products that have both health benefits and are aesthetically flattering on the body.

SANKOM holds a unique portfolio of patents that are successfully marketed around the world and has won a series of prestigious international awards.

SANKOM has a daughter companies/representations offices in 5 continents and successfully distributed its innovative patented products to over 96 countries worldwide.

One of the best selling products of SANKOM is SANKOM Patent Active Compression Socks. The SANKOM Patent Active Compression Socks have been created using a unique and patented active compression technology to combat common daily problems such as heavy legs, poor blood circulation, swelling, and sore leg muscles. Ideal for everyday wear, travel, long days that leave your legs achy.
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Dr. Sergei Mazourik
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International Business Development Manager
Nadia Rinchino
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International Business Development Manager
Czarina Concepcion
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Marketing Manager
James Ryan
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Jenina Forbes
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Roberto Sanchez
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