ExamVision offers the ultimate versatile, all-day-wear tools for dentists, physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals and students who require the ultimate optical loupe. Remarkably lightweight yet made from the most robust, high-end materials, ExamVision dental and medical loupes and lights are customized to your unique, individual needs.

Medical and dental examinations and procedures require the use of superior optics and tools to facilitate freedom of movement, good posture and correct ergonomics throughout your working day. Optometrists design and manufacture ExamVision medical and dental eye loupes, which are made to measure in Denmark and fitted by optical experts. Professionals across the globe enjoy the benefits of our high-end, magnifying loupes.

Choosing the right loupe and magnification will optimize your performance in dental, surgical and other medical procedures. All magnifying loupes from ExamVision are designed by optometrists and customized to the dentist, other medical professional or student. Each solution is based on individual eyesight, need for magnification as well as physical working environment such as distance and tools and facilities available.

One of the main benefits of working with optical loupes is an immediate improvement in posture. Modern operating techniques require precision and the eyes are the primary instruments that deliver information to the brain. Without optical loupes, users tend to work in crouched, uncomfortable positions that will lead to chronic lower back and neck pain.

Magnifying loupes will help you achieve a better posture and adding loupes to your work routine will allow you to perform professionally without compromising on your own body and working environment.

Part of our service, when you order a loupe solution with us, is an examination of your ergonomic work environment. Prolonged periods of working in static postures will cause significant pains and injuries. Therefore, our team of experts will also give you and your colleagues advice and guidance on how to change your working positions on a regular basis and provide you with stretching exercises. Not only will this focus on work-life ergonomics help you achieve better treatment results, faster procedures, happy well-treated patients. It will also ensure a safe and sound working environment and improve your work satisfaction. You will feel the difference in the short as well as in the long term.

You will, of course, be guided by our team of optometrists and highly trained specialists in order to select the perfect loupe solution tailored exactly to you whether it be for a range of medical procedures and examinations or for a more specific surgical use. They will listen to your most pressing needs, ask relevant questions and offer you an ideal solution, making sure that your loupes are uniquely fitted to you, have the optimal magnification and that they facilitate a superior ergonomic position all day.
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