Clungene® COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test / Happy Business Services Ltd.
Clungene® COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test

Our company, Happy Business Services Zrt. is one of the exclusive importers of COVID-19 immunochromatography rapid tests in Europe of Clongene Co., (, which manufactures more than 1,000 sorts of microbiological test materials and finished products. Our company is its exclusive distributor in Hungary and has the right to export it within the EU, so we are able to consolidate smaller orders within the EU.
There have already been several shipments arrived, their number exceeds half a million pcs.

The COVID-19 rapid test is to be qualified as a serological examination. The information it provides is for reference to whether the employees are or have been infected or not.

What another significant advantage of this test is that it is able to confirm COVID-19 as the cause even if the symptoms of the disease were mild, or there were no symptoms at all. The earliest possible time to do so is the third week after the infection occurred; the level of IgG (immunoglobulin G) rising confirms this fact. Re-performing the test enables the follow-up of the patient by examining how long the immunity lasts. In this case, the patient can work in a more relaxed way provided the usual precautions are followed strictly.

The rapid tests can be used by the company doctor or any competent people providing the same service (e.g. plant health service). Testing can be performed prior to every shift, or, in case of offices, in pre-scheduled appointments, in 15 minutes.

The product meets the EU standars, please visit our website where all of the official documents are available:

The EU registration number of the product is the following: DE/CA05/IvD-238321-1330-00.

The medical division of our company, Happy Business Services Ltd., is one of the major importers of COVID-19 immunochromatography rapid assays. There have already been several shipments arrived in Hungary. A considerable part of the tests has been bought by the Hungarian National Healthcare Services Center (Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ; ÁEEK); our other customers have included professionals, laboratories, healthcare institutions and city councils for whom we have already shipped the products.
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