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Our catalog presents you more than 1300 different spare parts for handpiece and unit repair and it is still growing. It includes the most frequent parts for handpiece repair. We are doing our best to keep it up-to-date with all new models to facilitate your daily repairs. We try to follow all main brands in the dental industry and work with many producers of materials to be able to offer the latest products on the market.

Our main products are high speed dental rotors. Own solutions and collaboration with world ’s best bearings manufacturer GRW ®. Beside our main product category we are offering a wide range of other products for repair workshops and labs. Spare parts for handpieces do not mean copying the products, but there is much more behind. Choosing the correct material and its treatment while having a production procedure to get a product of proper quality. It is also important to repeat the production steps, so that the batches are completely the same no matter what is the quantity produced.

Sometimes own solutions must be developed in order to avoid patented products or when complicated components could not be produced. It is then when an own know-how could be implemented in production. We are able to develop customized solutions for your handpiece brand and offer you private label products.
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