At MyRay, we believe in much more than just packing as much technology as possible into a medical device; our main goal is to make that device as effective as possible, so that the end-user can immediately benefit from what the technology has to offer, in terms of both performance and quality.
We're proud of our creative solutions, which offer unprecedented levels of comfort and the best available technology: instruments designed for those looking for innovation, speed, design and performance.
Solutions that combine efficiency, ergonomics, design and cutting-edge technology, conceived to improve communication with the patient and make your every diagnosis perfect.
Going from intraoral cameras, X-ray sensors and 3D digital impression scanners to high-tech hybrid imaging platforms for 2D and 3D radiology with easy-to-use software, the MyRay range includes Red Dot award winning products and the most modern tools to streamline your workflow.
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Communication Manager
Massimo Mantecchini
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (France,Uk,Belgium)
Umberto Mara
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (Italy)
Mirko Benni
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (North America)
Matteo Bazzocchi
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (Asia Pacific, India)
Nicoletta D'Apice
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (Spain, Portugal, Greece,Central/South America, CIS, Japan, Israel, Palestine)
Nicola Tonelli
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (Poland, East and North Europe)
Francesco Carano
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (Africa, Middle East, Turkey)
Hisham Tinaoui
Spoken languages:
Regional Manager (Germany, Austria,German Swiss,Netherland)
Roberto Borrelli
Spoken languages:

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