Transforming thoughts into reality is one underlying theme that drives product development in Mocom, the desire to overcome limits, the ability to change perspective, the perseverance to achieve unprecedented results. This impetus has led to the latest range of Mocom sterilizers.
For example, the top-of-the-range Supreme model is the first closed-loop sterilizer that uses mains water through a specific internal filtration system that recycles water to be reused in the following cycles, eliminating waste, reducing costs and ensuring a significant increase in the efficiency of any modern surgery. It does not require any external water connection for mains water treatment. The demineralisation filter allows the use of tap water, and the ceramic recirculation filter distil and purify water so that it can be reused in the following sterilization cycle.
Mocom is also connectivity, traceability, cloud-based control for failsafe compliance and security. Remote support is available via an internet connection (integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet) and Easy Check service dedicated to all models. For Supreme and Futura, data is saved, stored and subsequently available for operators by accessing a web page. Printer and traceability software are part of the wide range of accessories.
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Massimo Mantecchini
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Umberto Mara
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Mirko Benni
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Matteo Bazzocchi
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Nicoletta D'Apice
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Nicola Tonelli
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Regional Manager (Poland, East and North Europe)
Francesco Carano
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