AceTech is an innovative company at the forefront of supportive healthcare. We develop AI-driven precision medicine technologies and bio-pharmaceutical products targeting three medical segments: oncology supportive care, dental and oral care, and wounds and burns care.
AceTech's dental and oral care product line includes OralAce Patch, a freeze-dried gel patch that adheres to oral mucosa and forms a protective coating over painful mouth sores, ulcers, alveolar osteitis and other types of wounds; and OralAce Rinse, a wound dressing mouth wash which is designed for the management of oral mucositis and stomatitis.
AceTech utilizes a unique approach, bringing integrated technologies together. The Company's precision medicine approach helps predicting the patients' needs while the Company's Rx products support faster wound healing, relieve pain, and help the natural regeneration of tissues. All our Rx products are based on Acemannan, a clinically proven bio-functional ingredient, which is derived from Aloe vera. Our highly specialized production process helps maintaining the natural characteristics of this unique molecule. The Company is research-based and is led by a highly experienced global team.
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CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Ariel Katz
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VP Business Development
Roni Zidon-Eyal
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Marketing Manager
Dana Shwartz
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