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Lares Research designs, manufactures and distributes innovative handpieces in California U.S.A. We pride ourselves to consistently deliver products with exceptional quality, precision and value. But even more importantly, Lares strives to support its dentist and distributor customers worldwide with a level of service that is unmatched in our industry. Lares competes constantly on the various aspects of turbine features and performance. But when it comes to service, the Lares team beats the competition every day.
In January 2017, Lares Research introduced Legacy 5, dentistry’s first turbines with a 5 year warranty. The Legacy 5 bumper to bumper warranty eliminates the expense and hassle of turbine repair charges for a full 5 years. Legacy 5 turbines are available in two head sizes- Standard (59.9 dBA) and Mini, both with Kavo* MultiFLEX* compatible 360° swivel and optional solid rod cellular optics.

Furthermore, Lares Research also introduced its new ProStyle™ SF Highspeed Handpieces featuring exclusive SilentForce™ Technology. The entirely new SteelGrip™ push-button chucking system grasps the bur with 23% more force, virtually eliminating chuck replacement while assuring long lasting precision concentricity. New DynamicPrecision™ balancing of the ceramic bearing turbine to 0.3 mg-mm reduces perceived noise by 20% for smooth, whisper-quiet operation. Lares ProStyle SF highspeeds feature 20% more cutting power (compact head, 557-18W; standard head, 757-20W), and cellular optics with 100% more light output than prior models.

To complement the new innovative highspeed handpiece portfolio, Lares Research was excited to present the Pastel Plus Prophy handpiece which is the world’s lightest weight (47 g.) and shortest length (9.9 cm) prophy handpieces on the market today. The 360 degree swivel enables fatigue free control and the easy push-in, pull out disposable angles makes this the smartest most ergo dynamic prophy handpieces in the world!

In 2019, Lares Research expanded their handpiece portfolio by introducing the world’s first dual wavelength Coupling with Multiflex connection, Fluoresce HD. For the first time ever, dentists can detect caries, tartar, restorative material, and other materials with their air driven high speed handpiece to enable minimally invasive dentistry. Fluoresce HD substantially reduces chair time by providing instantaneous detection of materials which provides a color coded map for the dental professional to work faster and more accurate!
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