Bio Composants Médicaux
Bio Composants Médicaux is a specialist in fiber glass materials for reinforcements and dental solutions since 1994. Because dentists and laboratories deserve the best, we constantly search to find new and innovative solutions, all of our products are Made in France
Our last innovation aims to make your practice easier with fiber posts. We make sure to manufacture our posts Epoxy and Bis-Gma free. Furthermore, no releasing agent is used in the process as to promote an optimal bonding to all dual-cure adhesives on the market. Biolight Plus offers a safe and innovative fiber post for you and your patient. Also, you won’t need to use any adapted reamer to place it! Biolight Plus are 0,3mm posts tightly bundled together in a colour coded sleeve. When they are released in the canal, they immediately adapt to the shape and form of the canal walls, while reinforcing both the canal and the composite core for a stronger restoration. This is minimally invasive dentistry with Biolight Plus!!!
- Minimally invasive treatment
- Save time
- Save dentine and keep your canal walls clean
- Anatomically designed post
- Flexible
- Colour coded by size
- Use your usual dual cure adhesive system

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