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It's Real Pure Air Quality System Puresys all-in-one
For "puretopia"

Environment-firendly home appliance specialized manufacturer located at KAIST,Puresys has released air purifying sterilizer All-in-one Series that protects health from air pollution and various mutant pathogens infected from the air.
All-in-one series was produced based on "Air Magic" air sterilization/purification technology which applied patented metal form multiple nano catalysis technology.
Air Magic air sterilization/purification technology coats special catalysis and titanium dioxide on the copper metal foam with cubic structure. Afterwards,the serial eletric,chemical catalyst reaction with UV sterilization lamp disintegrates and removes bacteria,virus,bad odor,and harmful chemical gas in the air.
Triple filter is used to filter all fine dusts,and 11-step multiple sterilization/purification process is effective for various bacteria and virus,allergen,pathogen microbe sterilization,carbon monoxide,formaldehyde,nitrogen oxide,EO gas particle removal,self-antibacterial function,and electromagnetic wave block.
Especially, this product does not produce ant ozone at all,and adds the functionality of removing harmful ozone up to (99.99%) and converting it into oxygen and supplying.
Such patented independent technology of Air Magic air sterilization/purification technology has been certified for performance in all 3 areas of sterilization,deodorization,and cleanness based on high level of harmful gas removal efficiency at the Korea Testing Laboratory(KTL),and has been recognized for the technological power with quality management system ISO9001,environment management system ISO14001,and Europe safety CE certification.
All-in-one Series is equipped with low-noise powerful motor for convenient use at any place without the concern for noise,and the claening filter that frees the user from worrying about maintenance costs and emotional LED which allows the user to easily check the indoor air state and operation state are equipped for functionality and convenience at the same time.
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