OVERMED is an Italian company with a solid experience in medical field, thanks to years of research and development performed in close contact with clinician specialized in oral implantology, osteosynthesis and orthopedics.
Located in its operative site next to Milan, OVERMED develops medical devices thanks to a team of skilled people who use modern technologies and cooperate with scientific institutes. Moreover OVERMED is supported by the strong productive experience of its technicians, so that it is able to manage in total autonomy, using the last generation equipment, the entire manufacturing process of a medical device.

EasyLineImplant is a complete dental implant system which comprises several type of implants, instruments and accessories, prosthetic components, including Cadcam, and services for guided surgery in order to satisfy every clinical needs.
All fixtures are made in Grade 4 medical use Titanium and are
manufactured using the most modern technologies.
The connection is the same for all fixtures: an octagonal seating followed by a tapered section.
The implant surface is treated by a special shot peening process. This process is carried out with white corundum specific to the medical field with constant pressure and precise particle size. Subsequently, the threaded portion of the fixture is subjected to a chemical etching treatment.

- EasyDip® and EasyShort® the solutions for poor gingival thickness and reduced bone height, fine and coarse thread (Ø3,5>5.25mm, L6.5>15 mm)
- EasyNeck® and EasySmart® the classical solution for one stage surgery, polished neck, fine and coarse thread (Ø3,5>5.25mm, L8>15 mm, neck 3 and 1,5 mm)
- EasyFix: Temporary mini implants (Ø2.4 mm, L11>15 mm mucosal mgmt. 1-2-3mm)
- EasyPiece®: is a single-phase implant with integrated Multi Unit Abutment that guarantees speed of intervention and simplicity in prosthetic finalization.(Straight,15°,30° L.10>15 mm)

ETLineImplant is the last dental implant system designed and produced by Overmed with a double connection, hexagon and torx
- ET33® The solution for narrow ridges and limited space between adjacent teeth (Ø3.3 mm, L8>15 mm)

OVERMED is certified and organized with a quality system conforming to UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.
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