Magdent Ltd.
Magdent is an Israeli based startup company, that manufactures and sells, miniaturized PEMF based, Bone Growth Stimulators for dental implants, using a unique patent protected technology.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) is an FDA approved technology, used in orthopedics for bone growth acceleration.
Magdent took this well known technology and miniaturized it so it can be used in Dental implantology.

Magdent's MED, is the first bone growth stimulator, small enough for dental use. It is shaped like a simple healing abutment and made of titanium, but inside this healing abutment we inserted microelectronics, miniature batteries and coils, which generate PEMF for bone growth acceleration.

The MED is connected to the implant like any simple healing abutment and generates PEMF around the dental implant.

Published researches show the MED:
Accelerate the osseointegration by up to x3
Improve Bone to implant contact (BIC) by 48%
Improves bone density by up to 62%

This makes it a great solution for all high risk patients, and for any patient which wants a shorter healing.

The MED was clinically tested, has CE mark and FDA is in progress.
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Elad Yakobson
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