● LEONARDO 3-4-5 layers acrylic teeth
After 10 years of careful studies and technical assessments, analysis of the needs of dental technicians and of the properties of similar products commercially available, LEONARDO is born.
LEONARDO is presented to laboratories as a tooth that has all the characteristics that an acrylic tooth used in mobile and fixed prostheses should have. It guarantees maximum functionality and excellent aesthetic features durable in time.
A key factor on which the research for the tooth construction scheme has been developed is the respect of the manufacturing parameters and protocols of a prothesis, aimed at protecting and supporting the elements that constitute the chewing apparatus.
The ability of LEONARDO to faithfully reproduce the VITA coloring, becomes a strength and an
essential feature in the use in fixed prosthesis thanks to the similarity of colour that it allows to obtain in combined prosthesis. The chromaticity is given by the whole tooth, that keeps a natural look in any shape and under any bright angle. The brilliance is excellent.
The innovative "Ceramic Stratification" of LEONARDO, achieved as a result of multiple laboratory
tests, guarantees its uniqueness on the market. Its transparency and shine make it aesthetically
comparable to a new generation ceramic made tooth.
The leading operators in the sector have highlighted the excellent individualization capacity enabled by the special layering structure.
Based on the assumption that each prosthesis needs to be functionalized, proceeding with the dynamic grinding, the inevitable consequence is that the first protected layer is affected, triggering, in common resin made teeth a progressive abrasion process.
Leonardo teeth, thanks to their special layering combined with an excellent PMMA, after careful polishing, prove to be more resistant to this phenomenon.
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