The brand ASTRA is a synonym of reliability, an essential feature for whomever wants to be competitive on the market. It encloses in one word all our knowledge and experience, it is a strategy which leads to the spreading of our brand associated with the idea of quality; it is also a point of arrival and of departure for a team that aims at not only the company's profit, but also at connecting the product and the various services to meeting the clients' requirements in such a way that it becomes the best advertisement.

The special focus on technical innovation is meant to emphasize the production capacity and technical knowledge in all the phases of the manufacturing process; the production of metal cabinetry is a cyclic process in a continuous improvement by means of computerized operative systems that optimize the working time in the attempt to reach an ever higher competitiveness. The quality control during all production phases and before dispatching the final orders is a guarantee of optimum quality.

Our product can be customized thanks to our technical office that manages to interpret all the requests, even in various other cultural contexts, designing directly the multiple solutions to propose by using the several lines of cabinetry in order to reach the highest level of client satisfaction.
Therefore, ASTRA can offer itself as a trustworthy project consultant due to the experience accumulated along the 30 years of designing.

Our activity is not limited to supplying a specific type of product; we support our clients in the attempt to design a project from the first sketches to the final choice, always keeping in mind the necessity of counterbalancing the high quality with good prices.
This distinguishing feature is based on a consolidated know-how improved along many years of designing and manufacturing.
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Ms. Dana Naros
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Ms. Daniela Pigat
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Sales Manager
Ms. Manuela Trevisan
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